Ancient Holly-land Authentic Pottery
You Dig, You restore, You go back in times
Touch, Feel and  Learn  

This very special collection, of museum quality Antika, is inspired by actual archaeological finds, excavated in the land of the Bible.


The hand-crafted pottery vessels have been recreated using the very same materials and fired in wood and clay kilns, as were the models on which they are based.  In consequence, not only does each item appear to be an archaeological find in itself, but no two items, even of the same utensil, are exactly alike in shape or shade.


The collection consists of three separate categories of reproductions:  jugs of various kinds for storage of liquids like oil, wine, water, and cosmetics; oil lamps and decorative containers, shaped like animals of that time and place, also used as household utensils.

 The jugs have been decorated with embossed actual coins of the period, like the Judean date palm, which adds an extra aura of antiquity and authenticity.