Since the time that she returned to Noah’s Ark with an olive leaf, the dove has been the symbol of peace and serenity. In the Song of Songs, she is a metaphor for love (“Behold, thou art fair, my love, behold thou art fair, Thine eyes are as doves”)…

An inseparable couple of lovers are compared to a pair of doves…

May the light of the pottery dove forever fill your home with love.



 The Bedouins call the camel "Boat of the Desert"...The unique qualities of the camel enable it to weather the most adverse desert conditions, surviving for days without water, while lightly treading over the vast sand dunes without sinking, protected from the violent sandstorms...In the more than six thousand years that elapsed since man first domesticated this "Boat of the Desert", the camel became instrumental in assisting travelers through the desert, and facilitating the transports of goods to far away lands. The camel's wool has been used for tent material and the weaving of carpets. Its milk is considered invaluable to healing and warding-off diseases.

According to the Kabbalah, a person who sees a camel in his dream, should thank the Lord for having saved him from death, since he had been overloaded with heavy problems, and need to release his emotions, and learn to forgive and forget. A person seeing himself riding on a camel in his dream, is destined to go on a long road.

May the light of the pottery camel flood your home with good health and fortune.

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gazelle of light sketch.jpg


The Land of Israel is referred to in the bible as ‘The Land of the Deer” .

The gazelle is a delicate creature of nature, wandering all over the land, away from the eyes of others, occasionally picking up speed…The gazelle symbolizes grace, pleasantness, nobility and patience, charity and honor – the essence of femininity.  

May the light of the Pottery Gazelle fill your home with these values forever..



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