Join us on a fascinating trip to the Wailing Wall and the Ancient City of Jerusalem - beginning with Mount Zion, through the Zion Gate...Let us walk through the mysterious alleys of this unique place wrapped in the majestic aura of biblical times, visit the tomb of King David, enter the Church of Dormition, and climb up to the room where the Last Supper took place.


Listening to the bell-sounds and the Moazzins’ prayer-chants emerging out of the city’s churches and mosques, viewing below the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea, and around us, Mount Olive and the Temple Mount, we can sense the impact of the awesome connection between the surrounding nature and the cultural cradle of these three ancient religions. In this very place, adjacent to the Zion Gate, inside a structure harboring old relics living side by side - like in a time-tunnel - next to current art,  lives and works potter-sculptor, Arik Pelzig.

Outside, we are greeted by huge sand sculptures resembling human forms oozing sensuality, which to the eye of the beholder might represent the bathing Bat-Sheva, yearningly being watched, by David...
At the entrance of the building, we encounter hundreds of clay-pots - featuring tribal ritual motifs - as well as simple vessels of Mother Earth and her fruits – all created by Arik and his assistants.


Facing us, at the edge of a garden, stands a huge kiln/pottery stove made of clay and soil, used for burning the pots. The kiln/stove, too, has a belly and a delicate neck expressing the artist’s admiration for the most beautiful and perfect art made by the creator – Woman.
It was in this place, years ago, that Arik’s father – the late sculptor Perli Pelzig – originated the idea for the amazing series which Arik developed and has marketed all over the world – ANTIKA. 


ANTIKA consists of a series of kits for reconstructing “ancient” clay pots. The “Young Archaeologist” (ages Five to Ninety Five), is called-upon to rebuild old pots from clay shards, and in the process can experience the thrill of “unearthing” an ancient item which had been buried in the ground thousands of years ago. Aside from the joy involved in solving a real tri-dimensional puzzle, this is also an exciting  beginning for creating a personal collection of beautiful clay art, to be displayed just like in a museum.
The pots created in Arik’s workshop are modeled after clay items, which were discovered in local digs, and are on display in Israeli, as well as international museums. They are hand-made, of local material, and are refined in the kiln in a process similar to the original one. The items are then fractured very gently and sensitively, into clay shards and placed together with sand, in a bag inside the kit. Also included in the kit is a scrolled-label, describing the history of the clay-item, as well as the necessary tools for reconstructing it.
Recently, a Disneyland delegation embarked on a 26-country tour, to find the item which would best express the connecting bridge between the past and the future. ANTIKA was the one that caught their attention, representing the Disney spirit of cherishing the  beauty of art and its inspiration – a connection to the cradle of culture and a hope to a better, more beautiful world.

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Arik Pelzig

You are all invited to a virtual tour of my home, studio, and work-shop in Mount Zion, Jerusalem- Next to Old City walls, to share with me the inspiration of living and working in historical, ancient times.
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